Baron Nais Aikalp

Noble (Dilettante)


Strawberry blonde athletic looking 34 year old. He is a Jack of all trades and can do most things fairly well. Baron Nais seems to be good at finding connections and sources of information.

Baron Nais Aikalp HomeWorld: Drinax

Age: 34 Terms: 4
Career: Noble (Dilitantte) Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Skills: Jack-of-all-Trades-3, Carouse-1, Blade-1, Deception-1, Steward-1, Streetwise-1, Admin-0, Advocate-0, Comms-0, Diplomat-0, Drive-0, Investigate-0, Persuade-0, Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0,
Cash: 200000 Cr Pension:
Skills/Experience: Benefits: Blade,Ally, Contact in Nobility, Rival, Yacht


Nais Aikalp is the nephew of King Oleb XVI. He claims to be a Solomani descendant of the settlers from the age of the second Imperium. Nais spent many years in the Scholar’s tower learning the ancient arts and forgotten technology; he also had to work the hydroponic bays in the hanging gardens. Of course his uncle ensured he learned the art of boxing and fencing. He had vast knowledge of many things; he was a jack of all trades – yet master of none. You need to actually do things – where Nais only access was the books and the ancient scrolls of the Prophet Zaol. They had no raw resources or materials to even fix this dying city.

He grew up surrounded by lords and ladies – almost everyone had a title of some sort – to Nais theses designations meant nothing. They were all desperate and clinging to a past that was slipping through their fingers. They were forgetting more then they learned. Nais’ world was shrinking smaller and smaller and he wondered if he would ever leave the Floating Palace, he felt like he was being choked, that even the air in the palace would need to be imported soon, he could not breathe. Oh, but it was a magnificent dungeon, filled with riches and unfathomable wonders – if only they could eat the diamond tiles of the King Seraglio… Nais had to escape – he knew the silly political ladder was filled with hundreds of backstabbing sycophants. Besides where was there to go? To be King of a prison floating over a dead world?

His parents had died down there: he thought as he looked over the soot covered Drinax from the Parapet of Glory. He couldn’t even blame the Aslani from destroying his world as many secretly did. Things had to change. His Uncle was more interested in eating, whoring and fighting to concern himself with the betterment of the people. Nais knew that it was not coming from the Imperium or some far off technological wonder. It was a political environment that was conducive to cooperation and colonial unity. The Drinax ethos should be a marriage of the practical values of thrift, hard work, education, community spirit, self-governing institutions, and opposition to authoritarianism both political and religious, with the scientific and tolerant values of reason and individualism as opposed to tradition. Of course his lord ling counterparts did not agree with him. Nais believed it was his duty to bring this “Age of Enlightenment” as he called it, to the galaxy. From there it could foster and grow. His parents had similar beliefs… course they are now silent. He hoped their ideas would not rot away like the planet below him.

Nais ia a young Baron 34 years of age. He knows how to navigate the governmental pitfalls and carouse with the nobles. He knows he is no friend of the Princess Rao as he believes she had a hand in the fall of Prince Harrick. Nais can still remember when he came back as a charred husk, he always looked up to his older cousin – who in return was like an older brother to him – protecting and teaching him. Course the Prince is no longer a charred husk – but he is a husk none the less and not the same person Nais knew and loved. He is able to call on his uncle whenever he likes – which he doesn’t as for the most part the old man disgusts him. He is reasonably good at hiding this distaste. Having free reign of the Floating Palace he is able to do whatever his heart desires – course what he most desires is to leave this bloody prison. In his rise at court he was at first extremely interested in the politics of Drinax and that is when he gained his title of Baron – Baron of what he was never told… During his ascent his idea of the “Age of Enlightenment” enraged certain nobles and when he was 30 there was an attempt on his life. That is when he lost his passion for the court of Drinax. He was called a wastrel – which in fact he was and is looking for his opportunity to arise.

Baron Nais Aikalp

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