Prince Harrick

Age 54 Prince Harrick is the prince of Drinax and a potential heir to the kingdom


He led the assault on Asim twenty years ago, when the agricultural world was conquered by Drinax. His attack shuttle suffered an engine malfunction and crashed, and Prince Harrick was mortally wounded. His body – little more than a charred husk – was placed in a low berth and shipped back to the Floating Palace. The scientists of the Scholar’s Tower took him into their care, and they rebuilt him cell by cell. For twenty years, Prince Harrick floated unconscious in a tank while scientists tried to restore him to life. The outcome was uncertain, and many rumors about his death circulated through the palace. At one point, when it seemed as though the procedures had failed and Harrick was about to die, King Oleb quelled fears of instability by naming Princess Rao his heir. He emerged from the tank only six months ago. His features bear little trace of the horrific injuries that robbed him of half his life, but his movement is oddly stilted and his skin is just a little too perfect. The scholars refuse to discuss the technicalities of his resurrection, but most courtiers believe the prince is more machine and cloned tissue than mortal man.


Prince Harrick

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