Aquilos (Custom planet)

Aquilos D4389BC-5

Trade Codes:

  • Hi (High Population)
  • Lt (Low Tech)

Size: 4 (Mars – .35gs)
Atmosphere: 3 (Very Thin – Respirator)
Temperature: 5 (Temperate – Earthlike)
Hydrographics: 8 (76%-85% – Water world)
Population: 9 (Billions)
Government: 11 ( B ) (Non-Charismatic Leader)
Factions: 1

  • Government: 9 (Impersonal Bureaucracy)
  • Strength: 6 (Minor group – Some supporters)
    Cultural Differences:
  • Conservative – the culture resists change and outside influences
  • Unusual Custom: Offworlders – space travellers hold a unique position in the culture’s mythology or beliefs, and travellers will be expected to live up to these myths.
    Law Level: 12 ( C )
  • All Weapons
  • All Drugs
  • Any Data from Offworld – No Free Press
  • TL 3 Items
  • No Offworlders Permitted
  • All Psionics
    Starport: 5 ( D )
    Tech Level: 5 (Minimum for atmosphere = 5)
  • Radio/Telephone – No Satellite

Times were tough. Nations were struggling. War was inevitable.

Nobody thought it would happen. Many even denied it as it was happening. For a while, at least.
Conflicts escalated as countries fought over resources and vied for position.

The rich got richer while the rest of the world withered. Families struggled. Businesses closed.

Then a man came along with a band of guerilla fighters.
He championed the weak and united the working class.
His message spread like wildfire, and his power grew proportionately until he ultimately yanked the carpet out from under those in power.
The people were sick of corrupt rulers, so he referred to himself as “The Father”.
His policy was strict, but he was fair and extremely charismatic.

Unfortunately his life ended and his son succeeded him. And as is often the case in this kind or scenario, “The Son”, as he came to be known, was a far cry from the father.
He tightened his father’s restrictions, isolating the culture and eroding the already meager freedoms allotted to the people.
Poverty and discord are again growing.

A single opposition group has managed to survive despite the best efforts of the current police state.
They operate in the shadows. Laindependantendent cells ensure the survival of the movement as a whole, and protect the identities of those involved.

Aquilos (Custom planet)

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