Timeline of the Far Future

Present Imperial Date: 1105

All dates marked with the “-” denote pre-founding of the Third Imperium

  • -300,000 An advanced race known as The Ancients visit Sol-Terra and take with them a large number of specimens, including several groups of Homo Sapiens and several Canus specimens. Why they did this, exactly, is unknown.
  • -2564 Sputnik I is launched by the Soviet Union
  • -2439 Terra develops the Jump Drive through collective effort of many nations.
  • -2425 First interstellar use of the Jump Drive to explore Barnard’s Star results in first extraterrestrial contact with the human Vilani Empire


  • -2408 First Interstellar War, between the nations of Earth and the Vilani Empire (the First Imperium) begins.
  • -2400 First Interstellar War ends
  • -2398 Nations of Terra unite in the face of the enemy, becoming the Terran Confederation.
  • -2219 Nth Interstellar War ends, First Imperium collapses. There were a total of 9 wars between the Terrans and Vilani, before the designator “Nth” was used to describe periods of reoccurring war.
  • -2204 to -1777 The Rule of Man (known as the Second Imperium) in power. Solomani gain power but mix with Vilani residents.
    *-1776 Rule of Man collapses in economic crash; the Long Night begins
    *-1776 to 0 the Long Night was a period of stagnation and galactic ‘anarchy.’ No one great human power exists during this time. Many colonies die out, after isolation or their Tech Levels decline to varying pre-Stellar levels.
    0-the Sylean Empire, a regional power, crowns an Emperor of Solomani/Vilani blood and proclaims the beginning of the Third Imperium.

Timeline of the Far Future

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