Important Factions and Organizations

The Third Imperium


Largest and most powerful galactic polity, predominantly human (of both Vilani and Solomani descent) but vastly cosmopolitan in its composition. The Imperium is immense, containing over 11,000 worlds. It’s naval fleets patrol the spacelanes with impunity and project Imperial power for thousands of light years. Only a few sub sectors in the Trojan Reach are under Imperial control, but the Empire’s reach extends into the Independent systems and minor powers, like the Florian League.

Imperial expansion is non-existent in the Trojan Reach sector, but two major trade routes see heavy economic traffic both into and out of Imperial territory: the route to and from the independent Florian League (a loose confederation of systems), and the route that leads to Aslan Hierate space.

The Aslan Hierate

Large confederation of the leonine Aslan race. Unlike the Imperium, the Aslan are NOT a united empire, but a collection of more than two-dozen perpetually-feuding clans. The ruling body of the Hierate is called the “Tlauku,” a council of the most powerful clans in Aslan space. They are extremely territorial and warlike. However, after centuries of border skirmishes, the Aslan and the Imperium signed the Treaty of Fthair—severely restriction both Aslan and Imperial expansion in the Trojan Reach sector.

Important Factions and Organizations

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